If you’re unsure about how Google Business View can benefit your business, please take 5 minutes to read the 20 points below:


1 Start local - 

Local searches are amongst the most popular on Google. Even if most of your custom comes from further afield, it’s always a good idea to have a strong presence in your local area from which to build on.


2 Improved SEO - 

Improving the content that you add to Google improves your SEO, resulting in more visits to your website, your social media pages and your Google+ page, which in turn results in more customers!


3 Feature any part of your tour - 

You can choose any view in your 360° virtual tour to highlight in your website or social media. For example you can create a URL that will show the 360° virtual tour in your main shop area. Another page on your website/social media might show a different part of your business etc. You can also copy a link from any part of the tour to send to a customer showing them a specific feature of your premises.

4 Psychological advantage – familiarity 

When people can see inside your business they feel more comfortable with the idea of using your services or buying your products than that of a competitor whose business they are not familiar with. A good example of this would be food chains such as McDonalds, most people know what to expect when they go into a new McDonalds in a different area because they are already familiar with the layout, style and food served. Most people don’t have the time or inclination to seek out new unfamiliar restaurants.


5 Local established professional photographer - 

We have been photographing businesses in North Wales for over 25 years. Take a look at our website www.peterwilliamsphotography.com to see examples of our commercial photography. We will be offering you the same high standards.


6 Add another dimension to your business - 

A good 360° virtual tour will give potential customers a new insight to your business, it is a half way point between being a viewer of a static website and being an actual customer.

7 You don’t need a website - 

You can expand your Google+ page to give a good, informative overview of your business, together with a map, a range of photographs including a 360° virtual tour, customers reviews, your opening times etc.


8 Embed your 360° virtual tour into your Facebook page - 

It’s straightforward, learn how to embed your tour with this Facebook app at the official plugin page: http://apps.facebook.com/280634148712667/.


9 A talking point - 

If you are amongst the first businesses in your area to have a 360° virtual tour, you’ve got a new talking point, and your customers have got a talking point. It’s always good to reinforce your links with your existing customers and telling them about your tour is a great reason to contact them.


10 Add a competitive element - 

There’s been some great ideas circulating on how to use 360° virtual tours to create competitions. You can for example invite your existing customers, website visitors, Facebook fans etc to find a clue hidden in your tour, it could be the colour of the vase in the hall, the words above the fireplace etc. 


11 Accidental Customers - 

Some people might be searching on Google Maps for a business in your area, if you’ve got a 360° virtual tour, they will be able see inside your business and find out much more about you, potentially resulting in more custom for you.


12 Best quality 360° virtual tour - 

We take 4 sets of 3 photographs at each point in your tour and each of the 3 photographs is taken at a different camera setting, this technique is known as High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography and produces very high quality results.


13 Seasonal variations - 

You can keep your interior views up to date with seasonal 360° virtual tours. We can visit you at short notice to photograph your business set up for Christmas, Easter, Spring, Summer or any other variation. Please call us to discuss the options available, we are also able to offer a good discount on our prices for regular photo shoots, as we can carry them out much quicker when we are working with you on a regular basis. The 360° virtual tours can also be uploaded very quickly to Google and be live within a few days.

14 Your own enhanced Google+ page - 

When we carry out your 360° virtual tour photography we will also take a selection of Point of Interest photographs of the interior/exterior of your premises and other prominent features of your business. The Point of Interest photographs will be featured on your Google+ page.


15 Fully training photographers - 

Photographers wishing to work for Google Business View have to undergo Google training and tests to ensure that Google’s quality standards are met. We also have to invest in photographic equipment specified by Google. This helps to give customers confidence in the products and services we offer.


16 Novelty Value - 

If your business has something visually different to offer, a 360° virtual tour is a great way to draw attention to it, either because you can promote it over the internet, on your website and in your social media, or by drawing local press attention to it and directing the readers attention to your 360° virtual tour - it follows then that your potential customers will be one step closer to becoming actual customers.


17 The photographs belong to you - 

We assign the full usage rights of the point of Interest photographs over to you so, you can use them in any of your advertising and publicity at no extra cost


18 Direct link from Street View - 

If your business is located near a road that has been included in Street view your customers can follow the arrows and enter into your premises directly. 


19 North Wales approved photographer - 

We are pleased to have been approved by Google to offer Google Business View throughout North Wales - we don’t charge for travel anywhere in North Wales, so get in touch we will come and see you to give you more information about Google Business Photos and the benefits of a 360° virtual tour


20 Can you afford to stand still? - 

A Google 360-degree virtual tour keeps your business up to date with the current and future ways that people search for products and services. Aligning your business with current technology and trends doesn’t have to be expensive, we offer 360° virtual tours from just £125 in a one off payment with no ongoing costs from us or from Google.